Silver Pigeon Golfster

This 1960 model C-75 Silver Pigeon scooter with it's factory installed golf-cart was built by the Rockford Scooter Company in Rockford, Illinois. Mr Roger Hoffman, who was sales and production manager at that time was the principal designer of the approximately 100 units that were built. This is the only known unit still in existance.

This particular model of the scooter was probably chosen from the six different models available in America because it's high horsepower to weight ratio, and simplicity of modification.

The scooter recieved only minor changes in the modification process. First a large sprocket was installed on the rear wheel to increase low speed performance. Then an alteration to the brake pedal was made so the rear brake could be locked "on". This kept the vehicle from moving when it was stopped with the engine running or parked on an incline. Also, the parking stand was removed since it was no longer needed: and, the passenger "foot-pegs" were removed so that their mounting brackets could be used to attach the golf-cart frame to the scooter.

Two items of special significance on the golf-cart are the suspension and the electric starting system. First, the significance of the suspension is that it has individual "torque-bar" suspension on each wheel. The electric starting system appears, from all indications, to have been an afterthought. This was possibly a result of complaints received from golfers who desired this feature. However, the addition of the electric starting system created a small problem. Originally, the entire vehicle was properly weighted and balanced with two people aboard; but, the starting unit added nearly thirty pounds to the right side. This resulted in structural wear and damage which was apparent on various components of the frame and suspension.

The two toned paint combination and colors are the original factory colors. Also, the various sub-assemblies were repainted in their proper colors.

I purchased the scooter from Mr. Marshall Litchfield in the fall of 1988. It was in running condition and required only a complete disassembly and repainting to restore it to the condition as you now see it. Very few parts were missing or broken, but it's overall condition indicated that many, many golfers had used it over the years that it was in service. The entire history of the scooter is incomplete at this time; however it is known that much of the life of the unit was spent on a golf course in the Dixon-Rock Falls, Illinois area. All of the various pieces of factory literature, including the certificate of the origin were still with the scooter when I purchased it.

The story of this rare and most unusual scooter-golf cart would not be complete without mentioning the person who saved it from extinction. Mr. Norman Barnum of Rock Falls, Illinois found it in a "junkyard" in Grand Detour, Illinois. He subsequently bought it for an unknown reason and thereby started it on it's trip back to it's present condition.

Written by Marvin Wuehle.........VMBC member